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SERHS Hotels Consulting & Management

Experience, processes and operations focussed on providing a service with high added value for the management of our own hotels and hotels owned by other people

In light of the current situation of decreased economic profitability for many active hotel establishments, different options appear: continue fighting as an independent hotel, try to sell the hotel or cede its management to a third party.

A formula that improves a hotel’s profitability and leaves it in a better position for the immediate future is currently gathering strength: the MANAGEMENT HOTELER contract (also known as management contract), which enables the owner to continue to own the hotel. In this case, the owner forgets about the everyday management and difficulties of the hotel, leaving it in the hands of a hotel group that will improve profitability and provide your assets with more value.

SERHS Hotels management model

SERHS Hotels has based its business model on its own methodology and specialisation. We group all the experience, processes and operations of SERHS and we focus them on providing services with high added value for the management of our own hotels and those owned by other people who trust in the SERHS model.

SERHS Hotels Consulting & Management is a hotel support unit that aims to give advice on the management of hotel establishments while also taking full responsibility for the management of hotels in every regard:

  • Operations: human resources, work procedures, management indicators, F&B, technical, etc.
  • Sales and Marketing: canals traditional and online channels, and national, international and emerging markets.
  • Organisation, Administration and Control: administration, finance, labour, health and safety, etc.

Different hotel management services

We have an established, knowledgeable human team that is highly experienced and specialised in managing diverse kinds of hotel assets. We make the most of the synergies of pertaining to SERHS in order to offer hotel management services in terms of:

  • Relations with owners and periodic monitoring meetings
  • Strategic advice and consulting
  • Business recovery
  • Everyday management of the establishment (Operations, Administration and Finance)
  • Commercialisation (national and international, online and offline)
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing, supplies and provisions
  • New management technologies
  • Human resources, work relations, staff training and selection, health and safety
  • Working Procedures/
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