Because there is no Planet B

At SERHS Hotels we are socially, environmentally and culturally committed to the environment and take measures to minimize its negative impacts as much as possible. Complying with the bases of responsible tourism to reduce the carbon footprint of our entire hotel chain.

Over the years, SERHS Hotels has been working to achieve the goal of Science Based Targets (SBT) focused on reducing the carbon emissions of the entire chain, thus taking advantage of the company’s efficiency work.

The integration of a sustainable and regenerative circular economy into all operations is essential to ensure the improvement of both terrestrial and marine biodiversity and the ability of businesses to adapt to change.

The circular economy such as the supply of renewable resources, water, energy consumption and final consumption, as well as products consumed by our facilities. For this reason, in the future we want to be a company that can abandon the use of plastic, reduce the transport of waste and minimize CO2 emissions. This goal can be achieved through observable changes in our hotels.

Power sources

  • Combustion system with biomass in Rural Villages for the operation of sanitary hot water and heating of the facilities.
  • Presence sensors in all hotels to reduce energy consumption.

Reusable and sustainable materials

  • Soap dispensers with organic products and packaging.
  • Installation of gel and shampoo dispensers to reduce the use of packaging.
  • Use of recycled paper in all receptions to reduce deforestation.
  • Returnable glass bottles and glasses in all rooms to reduce plastic consumption.


  • Initiative not to change towels daily to reduce the carbon footprint it represents.
  • Local suppliers.
  • Acquisition of fresh and natural products.
  • We avoid shopping by portions to reduce excessive packaging.
  • Control and separation of waste by category.